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We carefully select and pride ourselves in the technologies, people and practice we engage, earning us the reputation for safety and quality.


About Us

FZL Marine Resources is equipped to manage the whole spectrum of vessels.

Operating in a range of Malaysian’s countries. We have built upon a reputation for providing expert ship management services. Our ship management services extend far beyond the normal limits of ship management.


Ship Management Services

FZL currently manage several vessels which owned by Malaysian Company which operating in Malaysian Water. Our Main Office is located in Port Klang. In Order to flow the business accordingly, we are also related to and manage some companies in Asian Region . Basically, we arrange all the needs and necessity of the ship, ship owner and any party involved as our main target is to ensure that all particulars, information and details are readily accessible between FZL and the clients. Our capacity and capability are guaranteed among the clients which also certified by the authorities related in this world of shipping. FZL very delightful and honoured to make sure that all our clients are not only to be treated as a business partner but also as good friends.
“ Marine Services”
W are confident to deliver the best applied solution to our precious customers within Malaysia Region.
  • Document of Compliance Registered Under Malaysia Marine Department
  • Consultant & Ship to Ship (STS) Manager
  • Owner/Operator for Ship to Ship (STS) Point (BULK)
To make the maritime industry as an industry that is important for all parties in various types of business & to make it a trigger for the aspect of success not only in malaysia but around the world by connecting everyone
Provide the best service & always maintain the credibility of work & professional relationships with client to ensure the success of all

Operation Team

They implement processes and programs, ensure helpful services for customers, and oversee maintenance of machinery and equipment.

Mohd Fadzil Mydin

Email: fadzil@fzlmarine.com.my
HP: +6011-11933119


Radzlan Shah Sallim Sash

Email: rdz@fzlmarine.com.my
HP: +6011-39906447


Azlan Ali

Email: azlan@fzlmarine.com.my
HP: +6013-211 8110

Management Team

generally responsible for putting together the business strategy and ensuring the business objectives are met. The Management team are held accountable by the companies board of directors.

Mohd Fadzil Mydin

Email: fadzil@fzlmarine.com.my
HP: +6011-11933119


Nur Muzalifah

Email: nmuzalifah@fzlmarine.com.my


Zhalimar Shamey

Email: zshamey@fzlmarine.com.my

Our capacity and capability is guaranteed among the clients

Certified by the authorities related in this world of shipping.

Our Services

We provide wide range marine engineering & management services with experience worker in field

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